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System Retrofit & Upgrade(All brand)

HS-Group GmbH(독일)사는 진공증증착 기술 25년의 노하우를 바탕으로 기존 설비에 대한 System Regrofit & Upgrade(All brand) 및 Control & Visualization Software 인 LayWeb® 과 Plant automation & Control systems 등을 제공하고 있습니다.

▪ Design and manufacturing of Vacuum machinery

  - 3D parts coater – SIGMET® Series
  - Sputter Coater – DeltaLine® Series

▪ Spare parts and consumable parts for vacuum industry

  - Diffusion pump oil – OI-808®

▪ Vacuum training

▪ Precision Optical measuring instruments  -  OMD-8000

DeltaLine Series Diffusion pump oil - OI-808

▪ Design and manufacturing of precision optics coaters

   - OptiCoat Series

▪ Plama Beam Sources

  - QUATRON-L® Plasma Beam Source
  - QUATRON-R® Plasma Beam Source
OptiCoat® Series
® Plasma source
® Plasma source